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Need your own decals printed? Enjoy affordably priced custom printing today. Click HERE.

Custom Printing

Need your own decals printed? Enjoy affordably priced custom printing today.

Custom Decals

Need custom decals for your railroad? Look no further than Fusion Scale Graphics. With years of experience designing and printing waterslide decals we are sure to be able to help you with your custom decal needs. 

Custom decal pricing is as follows:

Artwork Fee: $79 per hour (One hour minimum)

Printing: $40 per sheet (Most custom decals fit on one sheet, if your project is extensive it may require multiple sheets)

Custom decal lead time is based on our current work load, between printing regular orders, dealer and distributor orders as well as designing new sheets for our catalog that have been submitted to our suggestion form. This lead time is guaranteed to be a minimum of 7-10 business days and may take up to 45 business days. 

The more information you can share with us, the faster and less expensive the custom fee will be. If you are interested in a custom run of decals, please submit a ticket via our tickeys ticket support system. Click HERE.

Custom decals for freelance models will not be sold to other modelers without permission from the original paying customer. Reprints will not be subject to the design fee so long as no edits are made. If edits are desired for any reason they will be subject to the one hour minimum art fee rates.  

If a prototype run of decals is requested, Fusion Scale Graphics reserves the right to use the created graphics in a decal sheet without permission from the requestee. If a decal set is created exactly from the custom set, Fusion Scale Graphics may offer the requestee a credit towards future decal orders (from our regular catalog) of up to 50% of the artwork fee paid. If the sheet is added to our catalog at least 1 year after the custom run no credits will be offered. If a modeler desired full exclusivity to a prototype sheet the run will be subject to a minimum exclusivity fee of $499.